Shin Splints (Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome)



Shin splints is a term people use to describe pain on the front of their shins that generally occurs during or after sport/exercise. It usually starts when returning to exercise after a period off, starting a new type of exercise e.g. running, or significantly increasing training.


The pain could be caused by a number of different conditions, the most common being medial tibial stress syndrome, which translated means bone irritation of the inside aspect of your tibia bone. 


While it can be incredibly painful and limiting, we’d still classify it as an ‘irritation’ as this isn’t caused by fractures or damage (splintering) to the bone, as the name implies. The main issue that comes from not treating it is more pain and more time spent not playing sport.


Some people find simply reducing their sport or exercise for a short period of time, then gradually returning again resolves their symptoms. Others find replacing worn down boots/shoes provides relief. But for those who aren’t getting better, there are a range of different treatment options available.

How our services can help with this condition

I’m able to help you by assessing and diagnosing whether you have shin splints or another associated condition. I’ll watch you walk (and run if required), look at your shoes, go through your training (running, gym, sport) and come up with a plan that’s able to help you reduce pain, continue exercising as much as possible and achieve your goals (no indiscriminate “stop exercising plans here”).cal


Many people benefit from strengthening their legs, which helps both with reducing symptom return and improving performance. I can provide you with a tailored strengthening program, or for those who already have a coaching team, providing them with detailed advice on how to best adapt your training for your condition.


While not required in most cases, sometimes we require a scan such as an MRI to confirm your condition, or rule out other problems such as stress fractures, which I’m able to order and discuss the results with you.