Gait Analysis


Gait Analysis (Walking and Running Analysis)

Gait analysis, an assessment of how you walk and/or run, is an important part of understanding pain and injuries in foot, ankle and shin. An analysis of how you move can help identify if it is contributing to your condition and therefore help plan the best treatment approach.


While walking and running analysis are the most common forms of movement analysis in Podiatry, watching and analysing other movements you can perform could also identify valuable information about your problem that can be incorporated into your treatment plan.


For example, watching you jumping, squatting, hopping, changing direction (or cutting) when you run.

What to expect

As part of your initial assessment, I’ll spend time looking at how you move. This includes filming how you walk or run, playing it back in slow motion and talking you through what I’m seeing and how it relates to your condition.


We’ll also complete a range of different movement tests, looking at your comfort, confidence and ability.


I’ll use this information to help recommend specific footwear, determine whether foot orthoses may be helpful or provide exercise rehabilitation.


Over time, we’ll review your gait and tests and compare it to previous results and recordings. This is to check that our plan is achieving the desired results.