Exercise Rehabilitation


Exercise Rehabilitation

Getting back to activities you enjoy often isn’t just as simple as reducing pain. It can also involve a period of exercises to get you stronger, or more confident with exercising and moving.


At my Barton clinic, I have access to a fully equipped rehabilitation gym. I can help by providing simple exercises to get you back moving and walking, through to comprehensive exercise rehabilitation and strength and conditioning programs designed to get you back to your best (or even better).


I also have access to strength testing equipment. This is a series of sensors that can measure how strong you’re pulling or pushing, how high and fast you’re jumping/hopping and many other tests. This can help measure asymmetries between your left and right limbs, find areas you can improve and test whether your exercise program is working and getting you stronger.

What to expect

If we decide exercises will help you and your condition, we’ll talk through what type of exercises are achievable for you to do with the time and equipment you have available, as well as appropriate for your condition.


We may use strength testing equipment or test a series of exercises to figure out what types of exercises will work best for you.


Then I’ll coach you through the exercises, answer any questions and provided a detailed guide on the exercise


You’ll leave with an exercise plan available on an app, or printout, that tells you what exercises to do, how many to do, how often and access to video demonstrations of the exercise.


While most people don’t run into any problems, I’m always a call or email away to answer any questions or solve any issues that come up in-between consults.