The Rehab Podiatrist
Podiatrist in Barton creating personalised treatment plans for injury or pain in your foot or ankle
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The Rehab Podiatrist
Equipping you with the skills to manage and prevent foot and ankle injuries
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The Rehab Podiatrist
Getting you back on your feet, your complete foot and ankle injury rehab solution
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The Rehab Podiatrist
Helping reduce foot and ankle pain and getting you back to doing what you love
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Struggling with foot and ankle pain?

Heel pain hurting when you first get up?

Forefoot pain slowing up your walking and running?

Painful rolling ankles causing you concern?

My name is Alex Murray, I’m a Podiatrist in Canberra, and I’m here to help.

About Alex Murray

I’m Alex Murray. I’m a Podiatrist and I help people understand and overcome their foot, ankle and leg pain through personalised treatment plans focused on getting you back to what you love.

I’m also an educator, mentor and author, helping allied health professionals from around the world, help their patients overcome foot and ankle pain. 

With over 10 years experience working with people in pain, from the clinic to the sport field, casual hikers through to elite athletes, I have learnt that people do best when they understand their condition and are put in the driver’s seat empowered to take actions about their health.

That’s why my patients and I work as a team, understanding what makes them tick, and crafting a plan unique to them.
I work with clients face-to-face and through telehealth. I also provide education and mentoring to Podiatrists and Allied Health Professionals globally.

As a person and a clinician, I respect diversity and welcome patients of any race, age, religion, ability, marital status, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, sex or gender identity. I also practice using size-inclusive/HAES® principles.

Not sure where to get started on managing your foot and ankle pain?

Specific ways I can help you:

  • Help you understand your pain and symptoms
  • Create a treatment plan, personalised to you and your goals
  • Provide treatments you’d benefit from, such as foot orthoses and simple shoe modifications, footwear advice and rehabilitation programs
  • Provide recommendations about comprehensive management strategies
  • Work alongside your current management team, such as your GP or Physiotherapist, or connect you with the best person for you to see
  • Guide you through implementing your plan to achieve the best results

My Expertise

Alex Murray Canberra

My philosophy is working with my patient, not on them.

Drawing on my knowledge as an educator and author and experience working with a wide range of patients and clinicians from around the world, I join with the patient to develop a treatment plan that can be implemented into their daily life and builds towards their life- and activity-based goals.

Alex Murray Canberra

I create online and in-person professional development programs designed from my perspective as a clinician using my patient management experience.

This makes my programs engaging and moves them from purely theoretical to real world solutions.

Foot Orthotics Canberra by Alex Murray

Too often mentors lecture about what to do.

I work alongside clinicians, Podiatrists and other Allied Health Professionals, providing them with skills and guidance to help them through their own process of development and becoming confident practitioners with sustainable careers.

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I help develop and write academic papers, sharing my insights with a wider audience and assisting with the development of future research projects.

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