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About Alex

My name is Alex Murray and I’m a Sports Podiatrist and Rehabilitation Coach

I help people understand and overcome their foot, ankle and leg pain through personalised treatment plans focused on getting them back to what they love.


I’m also an educator, mentor and author, teaching allied health professionals from around the world, how they can help their patients overcome foot and ankle pain.


With over 10 years experience working with people in pain, from the clinic to the sports field, casual hikers through to elite athletes, I have learnt that people do best when they understand their condition, know all their treatment options and are empowered to take action in managing their health.

If you have foot, ankle or leg pain, I’m ready to help you overcome it, one step at a time.

My approach is simple. 

Long appointments are standard, giving us time to best understand and manage your condition.


I’m also a LGBTQI+ friendly practitioner and follow the principles of the healthy at every size (HAES®) movement in my clinical practice.


In recognition of my skills, experience and approach to clinical practice, I’ve been awarded Membership to the Faculty of Podiatric Medicine at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Glasgow.

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How I can help you

I’m able to offer a full range of services to help people manage their foot and ankle pain. These include:

What I treat

I treat all pain and injuries in the foot, ankle and shin. Common condition I see include:

What my patients are saying

Lauren L
Alex is an excellent and knowledgeable podiatrist and a warm and caring person. I've been to many health practitioners and Alex is a clear standout. He has expertise as a podiatrist and also considers the body holistically, which was crucial in my progress and reducing pain. His service goes above and beyond - I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Kenneth Menz
I was very happy with my visit to Alex yesterday. My situation was somewhat complex and we spent a considerable time analysing the various aspects of it. I was impressed with his caring manner and his insights. Price was a little higher than some, but we spent a whole hour - no scrimping on time. There was no pressure placed upon me for a return visit. (One particular major Canberra podiatry chain seems to be more driven by encouraging return visits than they are by providing solutions). I will return to Alex if I feel the need, and I am interested now to see how his suggestions play out.
Alex has been a fantastic help and gone out of his way to help me figure out what's been causing my ankle pain, highly HIGHLY recommend using him, very knowledgeable and personable
Patrick Doan
Alex is a very knowledgeable clinician. As another Podiatrist myself, I have worked with him professionally and it is clear that he is passionate in his work clinically and as an educator. There are very few sports podiatrists in Australia that understand the importance and process of foot and ankle rehabilitation. He also clearly enjoys helping people of all ages and abilities get back to sport and physical activity.
Chris Richardson
Great experience with Alex 😄 Complex sprained ankle. Excellent treatment. Even better, matched with very good explanations of what was going on and why 👍 Highly recommended.
Joanna Richards
Cannot recommend enough! I visited Alex after having a recurring pain in my foot which was totally limiting my ability to live my life. As someone who works on my feet and exercises daily, the pain was stressing me out. Alex was extremely thorough. I really felt like he took his time to fully understood what was going on. He sent me home with a comprehensive plan of attack. Not only did he give me rehab exercises and stretches, he gave me advice on how to adjust my daily movements to reduce my pain and he made some custom orthotics for both my runners and my favourite shoes. Pain went away within a few days. If you have an issue, go see Alex immediately. No hesitation in recommending him.
Simon Lewis
Very knowledgeable on all things feet and rehab. He is my go to when I have a patient with a complex foot injury.
Geoffrey Ford
Alex was by far the best podiatrist I have been to. He was incredibly friendly and welcoming and didn’t try to force his plan on me but instead worked with me to help me get back to my goals. I’ve found other therapists often just try and sell you on their plans. Thanks for your help Alex, my feet feel so much better and I’m no longer worried about them.
Ryan L. McGrath
Alex is an extremely knowledgeable, passionate, and caring clinician. I have collaborated with Alex on a research article on plantar heel pain management, and during this process, it was clear that his expertise regarding lower foot, ankle, and leg pain is second to none. His passion for achieving the best outcomes is evident in his commitment to staying up-to-date on the latest developments in rehabilitation and pain management.