Nail and Skin Complaints


What I treat

I’m able to offer the full range of general podiatry services. This includes management for:


  1. Difficult to cut nails
  2. Ingrown toenails
  3. Corns
  4. Callous
  5. Fungal skin and nails
  6. Warts (verruca pedis)
  7. Diabetic foot assessments

Unfortunately I’m not able to assist those suffering from foot ulcers/wounds. For those looking for assistance with these, I’m able to make recommendations for who you can see if you get in contact.

What to expect

When you come into the clinic, I’ll examine the area of concern, we’ll discuss what is going on and your treatment options. Most diagnostic and treatment options are able to be started at the same appointment.


For conditions such as corns/calluses, these are able to be managed with limited to no pain in the consultation. I’m often able to manage mild to moderate ingrown toenails during the same appointment with limited pain.


For those requiring local anaesthetic to manage their ingrown toenail, or are looking for a more permanent solution such as toenail surgery, these are performed as subsequent appointments.