Personalised treatment plans for all your foot and ankle injuries and pain
Equipping you with the skills to manage and prevent foot and ankle injuries
Getting you back on your feet, your complete foot and ankle injury rehab solution
Helping reduce foot and ankle pain and getting you back to doing what you love

Injury and Pain Assessment

I’ll conduct a thorough assessment of the area to determine what is causing the pain. This can involve examining the local area, watching you walking or guiding you through exercises.

We’ll discuss what this means and our conclusions will form the basis of creating our treatment plan.

Radiology Referrals

A lot of the time we can determine what is wrong through examining you in the clinic. But there are times we need to get medical imaging such as an x-ray, ultrasound or MRI, to be 100% sure, or provide more information on what is happening.

I am able to order all common radiological tests, saving you a trip to your GP or Medical Specialists.

After your imaging, we’ll get back together, discuss the results and what this means for your recovery.

Walking Assessment (Gait Analysis)

Walking and running are fundamental movements for most forms of activity.

When you first come and see me, I’ll watch you walk, explain what I’m seeing and what it means for your treatment.

For specific running issues, we may organise a session when we’ll go outside, or to where you usually run or play sport and watch how you’re moving there. This can help get the most accurate information to understand how I can help.

Exercise Rehabilitation

I approach giving out exercises a little differently than most.

Many of us have sheets of exercises at home we’ve been given, full of exercises we’re not sure when we’ll find the time to do, how they’ll help or just don’t feel right for us.

My focus is on giving all my patients programs that’ll be done. This means giving you only really effective exercises, that we’ll coach you on in the session so you know how they’re done and exactly how they’ll help you.

You’ll leave with access to an online program and app that provides all the information we’ve gone through, with a clear outline of when to do them and how much (hint: it’s often less than you think!)

If things aren’t going well, you have my contact details to let me know and we’ll make the changes needed to help you reach your goals!

Insoles (Foot Orthoses) and Braces

Despite what you might read online, not everyone needs or will benefit from insoles in their shoes.

When you come to your appointment, we can discuss your suitability for foot orthoses, including open and honest discussion about what they could do to help your recovery and whether they’ll be of high value.

If you don’t need them, we’ll explore all the other treatment options I have available.

For those who do need them, I utilise only the latest technology, including 3D scanning and printing, to make you a device that’s bespoke designed specifically for you and your activity.

For those with more complex or recurrent problems, I’m also experienced at making and fitting a range of ankle-foot orthoses and ankle braces.

Foot Orthoses Modification and Repair

Once you’ve been issued your foot orthoses, that’s not the end! They aren’t completely set in stone.

While there are some limitations, there’s many different modifications and alterations that I can make to foot orthoses to make them more comfortable or more effective.

There are also common components that can be easily replaced, such as the soft material cover on the orthotics, or any ‘posts’, or firm pieces of material placed on the bottom of the device that tilt the foot orthoses.

If you’ve got foot orthoses and feel like they could be better, or are in need of some repair, get in contact and I’ll let you know if I can help.

Footwear Advice and Prescription

Buying shoes can be difficult at the best of times, let alone when you’re in pain!

I can help take the stress out of the design making by walking you through the types of features of shoes I think are appropriate, providing some examples along the way.

This goes for all types of shoes, including casual, dress and work footwear.

For sneakers, footy boots or other specialised footwear, I can provide a detailed footwear prescription you can take to many retailers across town to be properly measured and fitted with shoes that are right for you.

Strength and Conditioning

Injury and pain often means some time away from your sport and activities.

As a trained Strength and Conditioning Coach, alongside your treatment, I can create a program that helps you build strength and resilience around your injury and pain. This means you often return stronger and more prepared than when your symptoms started!

Got a team and coach working with you already? I speak their language!

As part of your recovery, I can give them detailed guidance on how you can keep training and moving around your pain and injury. We’ll all work together as a team so you can achieve your best!

Guide Your Return Back to Activity

You’ve taken time off from sport, time out in the garden, or another activity you enjoy. Things are starting to settle down, but you aren’t sure if you should go back, or how you build back up.

That’s where I can help.

As part of your treatment, we’ll talk about when you can start going back, provide detailed instructions on how to do this and check-in on you to make sure that it’s all going to plan.

A lot of the time, when you’re in pain, you don’t need to give up on sport and activity until you’re better. I can also help you make modifications to your activity so you can often keep going, or return sooner than you think!

Paediatrics and Teenagers

Teenagers and children aren’t just small adults with a range of conditions and concerns that can appear based on their age and stage development.

Having seen a wide variety of ages in my clinic, I can help you by providing assessment, advice and treatment for a range of children specific conditions and concerns including flat feet (duck walking), intoning (pigeon toes), foot and ankle pain, lower limb fatigue/pain, recurrent ankle sprains, foot and ankle pain and more. I can provide footwear advice, help you determine whether foot orthotics are appropriate and provide a range of children specific custom and prefabricated foot orthoses as well as exercise rehabilitation where appropriate.

With qualifications in Strength and Conditioning, I’m also able to assist with developing athletes, providing assistance with their injury as well as advice on their return to training/sport, injury prevention and future training requirements.

I’m set up for NDIS and am available to help all children and teenagers who’re self or plan managed.

For children below the age of 36 months and those on NDIS, please contact me prior to booking to make sure we select an appropriate amount of time to address you and your children’s concerns.

Second Opinions

Persistent and recurrent injuries and pain can be incredibly frustrating, especially when they aren’t responding to treatment.

I can help provide a second opinion and offer alternative perspectives, as well as help clarify your treatment options to help guide your decision making.

If you’ve got foot orthoses or braces already, I can review these and provide advice on modifications or design changes or whether I think you’re suitable for foot orthoses at all.

Ingrown Toenails, General Nail and Skin Care and Diabetic Foot Assessments

Alongside helping people manage their pain and injury, I’m also highly experienced at providing general Podiatry services including the management of ingrown toenails, general nail and skin complaints (corns and callouses) and diabetic foot assessments.

Applying the same approach of calm, compassionate care, I can help you with your problems, big or small, explaining what is going on, providing specific treatment and advice and guide you on how to manage your feet at home.

For recurrent ingrown toenails, I’m also able to offer a nail surgery option as a more permanent solution to the problem and can discuss whether this is an appropriate option for you during your appointments.

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