Footwear Prescription


Footwear Prescription

As the main thing between your foot and the ground, footwear is an important consideration for those with pain or those trying to prevent injury.


With so many different brands, types of shoes and different fads, it can be difficult to figure out what is appropriate for you to purchase.


That’s why helping you find the right shoe is a big part of what I do.

What to expect

As part of your assessment, I’ll get you to bring along what footwear you currently wear most. We’ll also discuss what types of physical activity you do/would like to do post recovery.


Combined with your injury assessment, I’ll be able to provide advice and recommendations for footwear you should consider wearing and for what activities.


For athletic shoes I’ll write you a ‘footwear prescription’, which outlines what types of features in the shoe and fitting you require. You can take this to a sports footwear store with trained staff (e.g. The Athletes Foot, The Runners Shop, Momt, Paddy Palin etc.) and they’ll be able to help you find the most appropriate shoe for you.


For casual and dress shoes, I’ll provide you with information on the types of shoes, features and how they should fit, along with a list of brands and shoe stores you should consider.


If you’re ever unsure if whether the shoes you’ve purchased are appropriate, I’m able to examine them at your follow-up appointment and provide further advice if required.