My Podiatry clinic in Barton provides personalised treatment plans for all your foot and ankle injuries and pain
Equipping you with the skills to manage and prevent foot and ankle injuries
Getting you back on your feet, your complete foot and ankle injury rehab solution
Helping reduce foot and ankle pain and getting you back to doing what you love

Troubled by ankle or foot pain? Want to visit our clinic and see Canberra’s leading up-and-coming podiatrist Alex Murray?

I am at the forefront of the new technologies and techniques that are revolutionising the world of Podiatry. My science-based approach delivers real results.

Let me help you understand and manage your foot and ankle pain.

Common conditions in our clinic

I see a range of foot and ankle conditions, and leg/knee conditions that are related to feet and the way we move. Common ones include:

  • All foot, ankle, leg and shin injuries and pain (e.g. plantar fasciitis, bunions, shin splints, achilles pain)
  • Knee-cap pain
  • Stress fractures
  • Tendon pain
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Altered walking (gait) patterns (e.g. limping, high arched and flat feet)
  • Recurring or persistent sports injuries (e.g. ankle sprains, stress fractures)
  • Complex medical conditions (e.g. rheumatoid arthritis, hypermobility and Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS))
  • Paediatric foot and ankle conditions

If your condition is not listed, or aren’t sure if I’m the right person to see, get in contact  and I’ll let you know if I can help.

What People Are Saying

Clinic Location


Located inside Sportscare Barton
7a/3 Sydney Avenue, Barton, ACT, Australia
Monday – Thursday: 8am-6pm


YES! That’s right! I am available for telehealth appointments to assist people with foot and ankle pain who are unable to make it into the clinic.

At this moment, unfortunately I am only able to see patients who’ve either

  • Seen me in the clinic, OR;
  • Have seen another clinician (e.g. Podiatrist, Physiotherapist, GP, Specialist) and have a report from them

You can book in for these appointments by contacting the clinic.

If your current provider is interested, they can also join the consult, assist with answering questions and I can provide both of you with a detailed plan of how you both can work together to manage your condition.

If it’s the first time I’m seeing you, after booking your appointment I’ll send you a list of things I’ll need to assist me in helping you. These include what you’ll need for the consultation, how to pay and details I’ll need before you attend.


Initial Appointments

For foot and ankle injury / pain
1 hour – $230

For Ingrown toenails, general nail and skin care
30 min – $130

Diabetic Foot Assessment
(includes a report to your GP)
30 min – $150

Subsequent Appointments

For foot and ankle injury / pain
30 min – $120
45 min – $155

For ingrown toenails, general nail and skin care
30 min – $120

Diabetic Foot Assessment
(includes report to your GP)
30 min – $140

Ingrown Toenail Surgery

Foot Orthotic Price List

Full Custom Foot Orthotics
Scan/Cast of Feet – $80
Devices – $650*
Fitting Consultation – $120

Semi-Custom / Modified Off the Shelf Orthotics
Devices – $150-220
Fitting Consultation – $120

Please contact me for pricing of ankle foot orthotics (AFO) / custom braces (e.g. Richie Brace)

*Pricing for most devices. More complex designs may incur additional fees

Insurance and Third Party Payers

I accept insurance and third party payments from most organisations, including:

  • Private Health Funds with on the spot claiming
  • Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Plans
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA)
  • Workplace injury insurers
  • NDIS
    • Limited to self-managed and plan-managed participants

If you have a third party who’ll be paying for your appointments, please contact me prior to booking your appointment to organise the paperwork and provide a quote (if required).

Patient Guides