Professional Education

Driving change in the way we manage foot and ankle conditions

Want to upgrade your skills in managing foot and ankle pain?

Looking for continuing professional development that’ll change your practice from day one?

Just need some good value education to fulfill your registration requirements?

Look no further! Alex Murray offers the best professional education for health professionals.

I’ve got a range of online and in-person, free and paid education courses you can sign-up for right now!

Online Professional education by Canberra Podiatrist Alex Murray
Professional education by Canberra Podiatrist Alex Murray

Online Webinars and Courses

Looking for a simple, at home solution to learning? Don’t have time to read all the research?

Need simple guides on how to improve your clinical practice?

Then look no further!

As a Director and the Lead Educator for Podiatry Systems, I produce high-quality courses based around the research and things I’ve learnt that have changed my practice and dramatically improved my outcomes.

With a wide variety of topics, if you’re interested in treatment musculoskeletal conditions, you’ll find something of value!

Check-out the full range of free and paid education courses and webinars, or sign-up for the mailing list to be kept in the loop on new courses!

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In-Person Workshops

Are you ready for some hands-on learning?

Want to have access to me (Alex Murray) and my co-presenters wealth of knowledge and education?

Maybe you’re just sick of learning online!

Then my in-person workshop “Lower Limb Rehabilitation for the Modern Podiatrist” is for you!

Covering all aspects of rehabilitation from initial diagnosis through to guiding them back to sport, it’s a full day of practical learning you can take straight back to your clinic!

I’m also a co-presenter of the “Strength and Condition for the Lower Limb” workshop, Australia’s first ASCA accredited workshop for Podiatrists.

Here we cover all aspects of strengthening and building resilience in the lower limb to help our patients reach their physical performance based goals!

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Professional education by Canberra Podiatrist Alex Murray


Want something to listen to on your commute or when doing chores around the house?

Well I am also now the host of the podcast Real Clinicians, Real Chats.

Joined by Physiotherapist Kit Wisdom, we discuss the realities of treating people with musculoskeletal conditions and all the complexities that come with it.

These are deep discussions where we don’t just talk about patients and how to improve our practice, but the impact the job can have on us as practitioners and how we can improve our lives and job satisfaction, while helping our patients with world class care.

Follow us on all good podcast hosts, including:

You can also catch me featuring on other people’s podcasts!

From Podchat Live to The Knowledge Exchange Podcast, I’ve been chatting to people all around the globe about Podiatry and what high-quality care is for people with musculoskeletal injuries.

You can see a full list of episodes with links below.