Developing confident clinicians with sustainable careers

Feeling stuck in your career?

Want to improve how you can manage your patients foot and ankle pain? Canberra podiatrist Alex Murray helps allied health professionals through mentoring.

My approach

My approach for mentoring is simple. Together we figure out what your goals are and how I can help you achieve them.

That might be building confidence with your assessment and diagnosis, or focusing on managing specific conditions. Maybe you want to learn more about how to handle difficult situations.

Or maybe you feel lost and in need of direction.

Mentorship gives you access to me, where I can draw on my knowledge and experience to help and guide you towards an great career in Podiatry or Allied Health.

Ways mentoring can help

  • Providing experienced guidance for specific clinical conditions and situations
  • Improve your assessment, diagnosis and management skills
  • Career advice, including helping you build a niche in Podiatry
  • How to handle more difficult patient presentations and conditions
  • Transform your outcomes and job satisfaction with implementing a psych-informed, values based approach to your patients
  • Creating a detailed professional development plan

How it works

All my mentorship sessions are online, unless you’re in Canberra and then we can have our sessions face-to-face in the clinic.

Ready to go ahead? Follow the steps below!

Step 1: Reach out and book a free 15 minute discovery chat.

Step 2: We talk about your goals, ways I can help and formulate a bit of a plan.

Step 3: Happy with our plan, then you book a full hour mentorship session.

Step 4: We do as many mentorship sessions you need, at whatever frequency works best for you.

There’s no minimum amount of sessions or spend or specific sign-up period.


$120 p/hour

Still not sure if mentoring is for you?

Want to find out if we’re the right fit?

Frequently asked questions!

No! Any allied health practitioner can sign-up for mentorship.

Nope, you can be anywhere in the world! I have an online diary so when booking your discovery call, you can see my availability and whether our time difference will work for our sessions.

All you need is a computer, webcam, a basic microphone, like the free headsets you get with your mobile phone and the desire to improve yourself!

Before your first session there’ll be a small questionnaire to help me understand a bit more about you and what you want to get out of mentorship. For subsequent sessions, there may bit a bit of homework or things to think about before our next sessions.

Clinic Observation and Placements

Whether you’re a mentee or not, my clinic is open to accepting practitioners and students to come for observation and placements.

There’s a limited amount of availability each year and as I’m a private clinic, whether you’re able to observe consults is always at the discretion of the patient.

If you’re interested in observing my practice, please reach out to me and we can discuss what you want to observe and if there’s availability for you to come.

Want me to come to your clinic and observe your practice and provide you feedback and mentorship?
Contact me directly and I can put together a personalised quote depending upon your location and the time you’ll require.

Joint Telehealth Consultation

Need some guidance on a specific patient?

Not sure where to go next?

I offer joint telehealth consultations, where you can join alongside your patient and observe and assist with my telehealth appointment.

You can join separately to your patient, or have them in your clinic and help guide them through any examinations I ask them to perform.

You’ll gain insights into how I assess and manage conditions, have a detailed plan for your patient that guides you on how you can manage their condition and have time to ask any questions you have after the consultation.

The patient can book review appointments if my input is required, or we can meet separately to answer any new questions that arise and help guide your management.


Initial and subsequent appointments are charged as per my standard fee schedule and unfortunately at this moment don’t attract a private health fund rebate.

Payment is taken prior to the appointment and can be paid by either the practitioner or the patient.

Contact me to discuss the case and book an appointment